dirrum dirrum


is the sound of red in Ngunnawal language:

the colour of blood and earth.

Dirrum Dirrum is a way of seeing others and ourselves bound in respectful relationship, standing in a wide circle of compassionate engagement. It acknowledges a common ground and is an active choice for life beyond the smallness of self-interest.




The deliberate cultivation of young leaders who work for the flourishing of others. The guiding premise and the mark of humility is simple: leaders impart rather than possess power.


The intentional investment in, and development of, creativity, ingenuity, experimentation and originality. The vast and complex dilemmas facing the twenty first century must be matched by an equally expansive expectation of possibility.


The deliberate addressing of issues and dilemmas. A head full of ideas must not only have a heart but a hand give to the work of transformative action.

All three activities of Dirrum Dirrum inform and enrich the other. Leaders are not separate from ideas or action. Heads must be bound to heart and hand. Ideas and action cannot be separated from community. People cannot be found outside of the relationships they belong to.


guiding values

Truth. Compassion. Wisdom. See: Radford College


Identity is relational and the cult of individualism is destructive.


nonviolent love

The transformative force (pacific mimesis).


Foundational model.

Richard Browning

Dirrum Dirrum Director

Richard Browning